So as to improve English communication skills for students and providing an intellectual playground, every month FEL organizes an English club for students who would like to take this opportunity to participate in games and fun activities such as rhythm discovery, group discussion, and dream painting. This event helps students build up their confidence in English communication.

Student events

  • “Late night show” is the name of the talk show and music exchange program organized by the Student Union of English Language Faculty. This program is wellinvested in terms of content and form and is recorded in LHU's modern studio. The MC of the program is Mr. Nguyen Duc Duy Tan,
  • THE FACE NNA 2020 FINAL WALK – Gorgeous stage, confident contestants and impressive performances The competition of The Face NNA 2020 has officially ended with the victory of a lovely sophomore – Ngo Thi Kieu Xuan. After getting through several rounds of tough competitions, teachers and
  • THE FACE NNA 2020: First Show Ever of Top 13 "Good quality", "professional", "refined" and "impressive" are the surprises that help the contestants and the viewers define The Face NNA 2020. After 4 months with 6 knockout rounds, top 13 of excellent contestants will have their firstever show at

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