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National English Olympic 2020 _ Restart The Game

The National English Olympic Competition was organized by the Foreign Language University of Hanoi National University to implement the national language project. This is a contest for students across the country who are studying English majors including English Pedagogy, English Language, Business English, Business English ...




Participating in the competition this year, the Faculty of English Language - Lac Hong University has 2 teams including members from different courses in the faculty. The competition will take place in 4 rounds from the Preliminary Round, Video, Regional Final, and National Final.

This year's theme revolves around student issues with social responsibility. Currently, the organizers have posted videos of the teams.

Prize structure:

* National finals

01 Special Prize: 01 tour at a famous tourist destination, certified by the Organizer

01 First prize: 5 million VND, certified by the Organizer

01 Second prize: 3 million VND, certified by the Organizer

02 Third prizes: 2 million VND, certified by the Organizer

* Regional Finals: Each region is awarded to

01 First prize: 05 million VND

01 Second prize: 03 million VND

03 third prizes: 02 million dong

Teachers and students, please support two teams from the Faculty of English Language - LHU by:

1. LIKE Official Fanpage of the National English Olympic Competition:

2. Like / react to the video's post on fanpage:

Team 1:

Team 2:

3. CLICK ON LINK YOUTUBE included in the post and enjoy


- Likes = total likes on the team video post at the BTC fanpage (icons 'wow', 'love', 'haha' are counted equivalent; 'sad', 'angry' are not counted).

- Views = Youtube video views, excluding views on fanpage posts.

* Link to watch the video of 2 teams of English Language Department - Lac Hong University.

Team 1:

Team 2:

We all hope that our FEL students will succeed in the new season!

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